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Current Issue

January-June 2020| Vol 9| Issue 1

Review Article

Orodental abnormalities in limb malformation syndromes: A review article

The regular synchronization during development of an embryo results in the normal formation of his/her structures. The deviation from this harmony produces malformations. The pleiotropic effects of ...

Original Article

Quantification of hemoglobin peptides in Beta-thalassemia patients using tandem mass spectrometry for future national screening program

Background β-thalassemia is a hereditary blood disorder characterized by reduced or absent synthesis of the β chains of hemoglobin resulting in variable disease severity. The high ...

Original Article

Effect of interleukin-10 polymorphism on susceptibility to type I diabetes in children with latent toxoplasmosis

Objective The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of interleukin (IL)-10-1082 polymorphisms on susceptibility to type I diabetes in children with latent toxoplasmosis. Materia...

Original Article

Genetic characterization of a patient with Cornelia de Lange syndrome with a novel NIPBL missense mutation

Background Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is a rare clinically and genetically heterogeneous disease. Cardinal phenotypic manifestations include specific dysmorphic facial features, growt...

Original Article

One hundred years since Victor McKusick's birth: a tribute from Greece

Victor A. McKusick has been recognized as the world leading authority in medical genetics. Among his numerous achievements, we should point out his inspiration and the training of a large number of ...

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